Morningstar Landscaping, Inc., respects our customers' property, values their lifestyles and time, and works hard to strive to provide the highest customer satisfaction and ethical practices.

Beginning with a one-on-one consultation, we will visit your home to identify the unique features and specific challenges of your property, taking the time to ask the questions that will identify your personal needs, artistic style and budget.

Customers frequently come to Morningstar Landscaping, Inc. with a specific problem, such as overgrowth, lack of color, or inadequate drainage. Others have a point of interest they want to accentuate. The design will combine practical solutions with principals of design that can have both an immediate effect and create a long term aesthetic feeling.

Are you a do it yourself kind of person but just need some added advice?  Do you have a tree or plant question and not sure where to turn?  Well that's ok, because Jodi offers one on one Phone or Skype appointments to assist with your questions and plant needs. Take advantage of a great opportunity to speak with one of the leading experts in Austin on all your outdoor and plant questions. Jodi is happy to help on issues all over the landscaping, hardscaping, and project management spectrum. So if your are out of Morning Star Landscaping, Inc's service area, do not fret, because we can get you going in the right direction with a simple phone or Skype appointment.  Have your very own landscaping coach and do it yourself with the right guidance!